Ghosts and Shadows Now Up

I wanted to give regular readers a heads-up about a new book that I’ve posted on Amazon Kindle Select. “Ghosts and Shadows”. It’s listed with a $2.99 prize but it will be free on Kindle Select 7/12-13, 7/19, 7/26 and 8/2. check it out at The contents will be familiar to regular readers, just arranged a little differently. I don’t wnat you to waste your $2.95 on the assumption this is new material. But, at the end, I’ve listed selections from the first three WWWM volumes for peope who aren’t famliar with my work and just pick up “ghosts” for the cover. I hope I’ll sell more copies of the WWWM series. But to encourage regular readers to download “ghosts” for free, I’ll tell you that it contains two scenes from “The Wind Is Rising Part 2 – The Past Never Dies.” I think these are dynamite and if you’ve followed WWWM, you’ll want to read them before the next volume comes out this summer. So, summing up, I hope it will attract new readers for all my work, and hold the interest of those who are already reading.