For those of you who have been following th e epic journey of “the currency of time” from novella to published novel, I have good news and good news. And a request foR a favor.

1,  the first bit of good news is that amazon was very nice about making the changes from an unedited final chapter to a corrected version. I was worried about readers who might have bought the first version but I was told that a notice will appear on any such versions alerting buyers that changes have been made.  Hit the key and you have the new book.

2. the second bit of news is that I’ve decided to post only on amazon meaning I’ll have five days of free books for readers. It should have been free today, Friday and saturday and next weekend. Besides the free days it will only be $1.99 until MaY 1. After May 1 I’m raising the price to $4.99. I figure anybody that already read the short version will have plenty of time to get the fuil novel for little or nothing.

3. the third item is a favor. I can’t and won’t offer any prize because amazon frowns on that. But I will ask that anyone who gets the whole novel post a review on amazon. I need five or ten and I’d love 25 or so. They don’t have to be long, but  I know some of you get off on posting four page doctoral papers. And I enjoy reading them. So fire away. As anyone who’s followed me from my Literotica days knows,   I’m a ‘comment whore.’ I loved it when my stories aroused huge responses, arguments, debates. I’ve written most of my life but I’ve never enjoyed any interaction with the reading public. It’s good to finally experience it.

CURRENCY – $$ & cents


I’ve already written in other places  that because a good chunk of “the currency of time” has already been published on Literotica, I was going to sell it for 99 cents to $1.99.  I decided I was going to go with $1.99 through April 30 and it will go back to $4.95 on May 1.

That shouldn’y be a major problem because the book will only be sold on Amazon for the first three months. And will be available free Thursday, Friday and Saturday April 4-6 and two days the following weekend.

Obviously, this  is meant to allow readers familiar with it to buy it for $1.99 or free, while allowing me to see if there is any interest on the part OF  non-fans who might pay $4,95



The BIG News  is that  the “CURRENCY OF TIME”  has either been posted to Amazon.

Or maybe it hasn’t.

AND, if you;ve just bought it, you might have bought a good version.

Or you might not.

If that seems confusing  it isn’t. I posted “currency´to  Amazon a few days ago. And although I’ve done it ten times, I still managed to screw it up. I usually wind up writing dozens of versions of each of my novels and the finished and formatted and edited versions are what I put on Amazon, et al

Only in this case I sent in an earlier and un-edited version. Why didn’t I use the Amazon preview just to look it over? Because when I was preparing to post it.  I accidentally went through all three versions of preparation and somehow Amazon assumed I thought it was ready to print. So it was and I didn’t have  any chance to preview  it.

I didn’t discover what had happened until the next day. I immediately re-did the content and this time it read the way it should. But it would take 1-2 days for the new version to appear. Which means at least one – and maybe more – readers purchased a version in which the last chaper has missing words and question marks where the words should be. Most of the chapter reads fine, but when you hit this spot you’ll wonder what the hell  I was smoking or drinking when I posted.

Obvioiusly, it this happened to you, just email me at and I’ll gift you the corrected version.