An update:

Here is an update of what’s going on and will for the rest of 2013.!
FIRST: When We Were Married – Volume One – The Long Fall is now carried on Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Amazon, as well as Kobo (I’d forgotten that). In july or august, I’m pulling it off barnes and smashwords and putting it into the Kindle Select Program where i’ll offer it for free for five days and probably for good from now on..
The version online as an ebook is close to what ran on Literotica, but there are significant changes. So anyone that can download the Kindle version should. In three months when I can pull it out of the Kindle Select program I’ll put it on barnes and smashwords for free and I’d urge anyone who wants to keep the story straight to do that as well,.
I should mention that I’m putting in background material to “to the long fall” from volumes 2 and 3-1 to try to encourage sales to new readers. AND, I’m including two scenes from The Wind is Rising – Part 2 – that nobody has ever seen and won’t until Part 2 comes out. But if you like WWWM, these scenes – one in particular – will blow your mind. One involves an old and established courthouse character, the other one just introduced in “Wind – Part 1.”
When We Were Married – Volume 2 – Second Acts will continue to be sold on barnes, smashwrods and amazon for $4.95 because it does have new material – a fair amount – that never ran on LIT and you’ll have a hard time understanding the rest of the series if you skip this.
WWWM – Volume 3- The Wind Is Rising – Part One – Two Weeks In November – just went on sale on Smashwords, Barnes and Amazon in April for $4.95. People that have read it seem to like it.
WWWM 3-Part 2 _ which I’m thinking about titling “the past never dies” for various reasons, will – I hope – be available before the end of July, although I wouldn’t bet my life.
I’m also releasing a short novel/story collection titled “ghosts and shadows” on the kindle select program, and I’ll keep that free as well. Everythign in it has run on Literotica and if you’ve read LIT you’ll know the connection between “Breadwinner” “A Miracle for Marcia” and “Ghosts and Shadows.” But again, it has a dynamite cover and I’m hoping the Kindle Select program will introduce the stories to new readers. And if any regular readers would download it, it would help my Amazon stats and you’d get a hot cover out of it.
Finally, I plan to try VERY HARD to finish the third part of “Wind” by Fall or maybe September or Octobder. I’m trying to keep to that schedule so that I can get to work on “Here, At The End of All Things,” a very unrelated First Coast novel that has no connection to WWWM, but does have a few crossover characters. It reads very differently. I think most of my regular readers will enjoy it, although it is in no way a “loving wives” story. Very different kettle of fish.
OH, and my urban fantasy/horror novel “Lady White Eyes” will be pulled off the Kindle Select Program, where it died, and put on Barnes and Smashwords just to see if it will do any better.
If anyone has any questions of comments, please send them to my NEW website: I look forward to hearing from you.