Post link to WWWM3 on Facebook and get a free WWWM1…or something

An old friend of mine  posted a link on her Facebook page to WWWM#3 on Barnes  which has just gone on sale and encouraged her friends to check it out as possible summer reading. If you would, I’d appreciate your posting this link AND encouraging friends to repost the link on their facebook pages. Anybody that posts the link on their Facebook pages, email me. If it’s a reader new to the series, ’ill send you a free copy or make sure you get one of the original 220,000 word WWWM Volume 1, whether you buy WWWM3 or not. For those who see this item and post it, most of you are long time followers and already have Volume 1, but let me know you posted the link and I’ll try to figure out some way to thank you. If you have any ideas pass them on to me. My friend dubbed this ‘summer reading’ and seeing that the WWWM series has love and death and crime and drugs and sex and murder and all kinds of things going on behind closed doors and tension that keeps getting tighter and tighter, I kind of think that does qualify as beach reading.

And here are the links:




The Big News is WWWM 3 – The Wind Is Rising – Is FINALLY On Sale

First, to faithful readers of the “When We Were Married” saga, I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth, and I know I’ve done this before, but I wanted to bring anyone interested up to date on the series. The next part, which has never been published anywhere and excerpt for one chapter has never been seen by anybody, is now on sale on Barnes, Smashwords and Amazon.
“When We Were Married – Volume Three– The Wind Is Rising – Part One” is 110,000 words of new copy, meaning it’s shorter than WWWM1 and 2, but at 100,000 words, it’s still a fair sized novel. There will be a WWWM3-Part 2 and Part 3 coming, hopefully within a few monhts. Volume 3 will be finished this year.
WWWM Volume 4 – “Nobody Gets Out Alive,” will be coming out in 2014, and again will be in three parts.And that will make the final end of the Bill Maitland/Debbie Bascomb saga – for now. It will come to a definite end and since I have other novels I want to write, it will be a while, if ever, before I return to them again.
“Wind” will cost $4.95, which I hope readers will agree is a fair price once they’ve finished it. The second and third parts will also cost $4.95, meaning you’ll pay $15 for Volume 3. But it should be 300,000 words or more, or a huge novel. Again, read Part One and if you like it give the other two a try. If you don’t, you’re only out $4.95.
I’m sorry it’s taken me longer than I thoughtto get WWWM3-1 out. But I’m cranking the story out now. Again, if people don’t like the story, I’m sorry. I hope people that have enjoyed the saga previously will find this latest installment AT LEAST as good as the first two books. There’s sex and violence and most of the major characters and a few new characters. Things happen, and there are changes.
I would suggest that anyone who has not read “WWWM Volume Two – Second Acts”should get it before they start “Wind.” There are 30,000 words of new copy in “Second Acts” after the last chapter posted on LIT, and a lot of what happens in “Wind”won’t make a lot of sense if you don’t read those 30,000 words.
Now, for the marketing bit. I would ask anyone who buys WWWM 3 on any of the sites, PLEASE leave a review – short or otherwise – on the site where you bought it. I just put WWWM 3 up for sale and there are NO reviews. And of course, the more reviews, the better the book looks. If you hate the book, which I hope you won’t, put up an honest scathing review. I don’t care. If you love it, please post a review. And if you could post to GoodReads or any of the other reader sites, I’d appreciate that as well.
TO SWEETEN THE POT: if you post a review, I’ll try to keep track, but send me a brief email alerting me. In a month or two, I’ll send you a little thank you. There’s a new character and setting introduced in WWWM 3 and he will play a big part in the third volume. I’ll send you one published, and one previously unpublished short crime story. Again, if you like “Wind” I think you’ll like this look into the lives of this new character and a friend who has appeared in other First Coast stories.
Also, I make a note of this at the end of “Wind” but I really would love feedback in the form of emails to my address, or comments posted on my website. This is the first of the WWWM pieces I’ve written and posted with absolutely no reader input. And I hate it. I liked hearing what readers thought of my stories – even when they despised them. It’s like writing in a prison cell with no contact with outside humanity. Drop me a line.
Here’s where you can buy “The Wind Is Rising” I hope you do so.
Anyone who has any questions, drop me a line. Now that I’ve come out of hibernation, I’ll be answering emails, posting on facebook, my website and generally making myself available.