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Daniel Quentin Steele

Who is Daniel Quentin Steele?
I am a former newspaperman, PR professional, and school teacher. A native Floridian, I've traveled through most of Europe, including Hannibal's Pass during a snowstorm that wasn't supposed to be happening. I've chased the then-Vice President of the United States at 100 mph on a Death Watch Detail while accompanying cops who were trying to decide if they should shoot me. I've walked into riots through sheer ignorance on my part. I have watched people I love die and I’ve watched strangers bleed all over the floors of ER rooms. I've seen a wall of flame 100 feet high against the night sky consume a forest at the end of the world. And I've spent a lot of time racing deadlines. And a LOT of time doodling during boring meetings.
Works by D.Q. Steele: (Timeline – Currently Published and Forthcoming)
When We Were Married, Volume 1: The Long Fall
When We Were Married, Volume 2: Second Acts
When We Were Married, Volume 3: The Wind is Rising
Part 1 (to be published in April 2013)
 Part 2 ( Coming in 2013)
 Part 3. (Coming in 2013)
Here At The End Of All Things – Novel  (Coming in 2013)
The Blue Side of Christmas –Anthology (Coming Christmas 2013)
When We Were Married, Volume 4: Nobody Gets Out Alive
Part 1 (Coming in 2014)
Part 2 (Coming in 2014)
Part 3 (coming in 2014_
Ghosts and Shadows – Story Collection (2014)
Moment  of Clarity – Story Collection (2014)







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