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WEM Publishing is a boutique publising house located in Jacksonville, Florida. WEM is proud to publish the When We Were Married series, written by their hottest selling author, Daniel Quentin Steele. A lot of readers have indicated an interest in these works over the past year and a half and this site will provide access to them and other works from local Jacksonville, Florida writers.

PRESS RELEASE: May 10, 2013

WEM Publishing House is pleased to announce that When We Were Married – Volume 3 – “the wind is rising” – part one – “two weeks in November” is now available for purchase/download on the following websites:


Short Synoposis of the novel:

Whoever said the law is a jealous mistress didn't know the half of it. North Florida prosecutor Bill Maitland has lost his wife and a woman he cared for to his job and may lose a girlfriend, the hottest blonde in Florida. And if a crooked sheriff and his legal killers and a Mexican drug cartel's assassins don't get him, the U.S. government just might! But Maitland doesn't know HOW to quit!


4.0 out of 5 stars A DARK WIND IS BLOWING May 14, 2013
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The long awaited return of "The Angel Of Death" and his little corner of JAcksonville Fl, finds him with a chance with a schoolboy fantasy, his ex-wife on the brink of madness, and a cast of thousands. We are acquainted with some favorites, surprised from appearances of characters from other stories, and introduced to some new characters that promise that tour in Jacksonville will be darker than before...and it's just getting started.

The story of Bill Maitland, our favorite short, bald, divorced, determined prosecutor is a sexy, introspective, funny, and now darker for the winds that are blowing, tale of a life path chosen, the heartbreak that comes from it, and how he emerges from the wreckage. Our hero has had a great run in the wake of losing his wife and manhood. Now he will be tested from all sides, and will see how long he can stay true to the principles he holds dear while fighting the darkness that's starting to show more and more in his dealings in the face of evil...and his love life.

4 out of 5 stars. Just for making me wait so long for this installment.

Review by: Super kingbannamilkshake on May 15, 2013 : (no rating)
An awesome part to one of three in volume three of DQsteele's loving wives, courtroom, mystery drama When we were married. This may sound biased from someone who has read all of Dan's work but this is one of the best things of read to date and the best court,loving wives stories I have read. There is so many twists and turns, unbelievable but stunning characters and characterizations. A bit heavy on the violence and graphics but nothing that will bring the quality down. Don't touch this unless you have read Dan's previous two volumes which you can find on this site!

You'll laugh, you'll want to cry, you'll feel anger and a little bit of joy and most of all, you'll feel a bond to characters you may have hated at one point but will love in the latest installment. I bow with my hat off to the master and hope to see the next part soon. Seriously, just read it!
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